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Up & Down Coasters

Friday, 26th February 2021

Our most popular item is coming back soon and is now available for pre-orders!

We currently have all four up & down coasters available for pre-order as well as the track expansion pack! 


The Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster will provide endless enjoyment and hours of fun - climb up the steps either side, sit on the car, and 'wheee', down we go. Still in our range after many years, owing to continual demand. Timeless!


Ages: 2-5 Years | Weight: 16.82kg | Dimensions: H=37cm, W=312cm, D=33cm 



Original - £129.99 (RRP £139.99)

Yellow kart with purple, green, orange and yellow track

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Anniversary Edition - £129.99 (RRP £139.99)

Red kart with grey, blue, green and yellow track

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Unicorn - £139.99 (RRP £149.99)

Unicorn kart with rainbow track. Also has motion-activated lights & sounds!

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Track Expansion - £74.99 

Red expansion track for Up & Down Coaster

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Available for delivery in mainland UK including Isle Of Wight


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