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  • A Summer Essential- EXIT Pool Domes

    21 June 2022

    With summer holidays incoming it’s time to get the pool out for the kids to have endless water fun! And the best way to ensure you get maximum enjoyment of your pool is through using a pool dome.

    These unique domes are fantastic in guaranteeing hours of swimming and excitement even when the weather can be unpredictable.

  • September Wish List

    21 September 2021

    With September fast approaching it's only fair you see what should be on your wish list for the month! 

    These four products are September must-haves! 

  • In & Out

    21 July 2021

    It is safe to say the end of June/ beginning of July has been an interesting turn of events in terms of weather. Let's hope the beautiful summer sun keeps itself known for the rest of the month. 

    Whilst the weather is playing with us, maybe we should explore if your kids are indoor or outdoor people.


    Game time:

    Each answer has a letter, A or B. Keep count of how many of each letter you have so we can let you know if you're an indoor or outdoor person!

  • Customer's Choice

    24 June 2021

    We are always giving you our top products but what about your top products? 


    Now we are going to reveal your top 5 products from this year!

  • Under The Sea

    4 June 2021

    There is nothing better in the summer than going to the beach for a family day out, getting an ice cream, playing in the arcades and having a quick dip in the sea.


    But what is really at the seaside? We are going to give you our 5 favourite creatures from under (and around) the sea with two truths and a lie, see if you can figure out which is the lie!

  • Kit Out The Kids

    25 May 2021

    It’s not long now until summer will be in full swing (once the rain decides to depart!).

    We know the kids love something new to play with in the summer, why not take a look at our top picks for June.

  • Top 15 Kids Movies

    14 May 2021

    With the weather being a little up and down we thought we would take a look at things to do indoors and what's better than a movie marathon! The issue is….what to watch? We have you covered! 

    Choosing something to watch can be really difficult, especially when you have children, here are a few films we think children should watch before the age of 10!

  • Prepare for May Bank Holiday!

    28 April 2021

    With summer fast approaching we know you will be looking to get your garden ready as well as finding something to keep the kids entertained outside. 

    We have put together some fun suggestions for outdoor toys as well as different activities to do with them to make them all the more fun!

    Take a look at some of our recommendations!

  • New for April 2021

    13 April 2021

    We love welcoming new items to our collection here at Activity Toys Direct and we know you all love to see what new products we have to offer.

    Here are some of our brand new arrivals for April 2021!

  • Easter Activities

    26 March 2021

    Easter is coming and you know what that means...chocolate, eggs, treasure hunts and most importantly not telling your kids about that extra easter egg they had that you ate....

    Make Easter fun with these activities that you can leave to your kids or you can help out with!

  • Top 5 Kids Outdoor Toys for Spring 2021

    5 March 2021

    Top Five Kids Outdoor Toys for Spring 2021: Ready...Set...Spring!

    With winter heading away and spring starting to come round it is that time again to start preparing your garden for the summer! Maybe you need a  new playhouse for your little one or maybe you have had a holiday cancelled and want something to entertain the kids through the holidays. Whatever you are looking for, we can help you choose.


    Here are our top 5 products for you this summer!

  • Up & Down Coasters

    26 February 2021

    Our most popular item is coming back soon and is now available for pre-orders!