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Wooden Products

Wooden Products

Activity Toys Direct Limited is now established as one of the UK's largest independent retailers of Children's Play Equipment.

ll our play frames and swings are manufactured from class IV autoclave treated wood from sustainable forests – this gives you a 10 year guarantee against wood rot and infestation, it is safe for your child and the environment giving you peace of mind.

There is a Climbing Frame or Swing Frame to suit any size of garden, all are manufactured and tested to the highest of standards and offer play value for babies and toddlers up to their teens. The sets come complete.

If you need any help then you have a UK support team happy to oblige, whether it be a miss placed washer and a spare is required, or a little guidance if you should experience any difficulties during assembly.

Please be aware that wood is a natural material; climatic changes contribute to cracks inside the wood. In hot, sunny weather the timber will shrink. Conversely in wet weather the wood will expand. Cracks in the wood, dependent on these weather conditions, are common, and do not affect the structural integrity of the wood.

In the event that the wood does crack in dry/warm weather, please check that there are no splinters (a light rubbing with sand paper is recommended) and do not try to fill the crack with any kind of filler as this will damage the wood. There is nothing to be alarmed about. When the wet weather returns the cracks will get smaller as the wood swells, and often disappear altogether.

Know about Wood

Wooden Climbing Frames and Swing Sets: Know about Wood

In recent years timber has become a popular choice for outdoor toys. For reasons of affordability and the environment, softwood rather than hardwood is used by all wood playset manufacturers. You can choose between wooden climbing frames and wooden swing sets constructed with round timbers or square cut timbers. When making your choice, you should be aware of the differences between them.

Wood: an organic material

Each piece of timber is unique, bearing its own knots, cracks and variations in colour. This is part of its beauty. However, as a natural organic material, it will change over

time, as it reacts to variations in atmospheric conditions. Softwood will expand and contract with fluctuations in temperature and humidity. In warm, sunny weather timber will shrink. In wet weather it will expand. As these physical changes do not take place uniformly throughout the wood, stresses are set up which result in cracks and splits opening up. These cracks can be both wide and deep and are more likely in round wood than square wood, although they will occur in both.

Round wood: characteristics and maintenance advice

Round timbers from smaller trees contain heartwood surrounded by sapwood . They are subject to significant cracking. Whilst this can sometimes seem alarming, the TP wood playsets (wooden climbing frame and wooden swing sets) are dimensioned and designed to ensure that this has no effect on their structural integrity. However as a result of this characteristic, you should be prepared to check your wooden climbing frame or wooden swing regularly so as to identify any splintering or lifting of the surface layers of the wood. Any affected areas can be rubbed down using coarse sandpaper to restore a smooth, safe surface.

Square wood: characteristics and maintenance advice

Wooden climbing frames and wooden swing sets made from square cut timbers will contain less heartwood than the round timbers. This will reduce instances of cracking and splitting when compared with round wood but cracks and splits will still occur. Again, you can be reassured that TP wood playsets are dimensioned and designed to ensure that this has no effect on their structural integrity. Just as with round wood, your wooden climbing frame or wooden swing must be regularly checked. Any areas affected by spilintering or lifting should be rubbed down with coarse sandpaper to restore a smooth surface suitable for wood playsets.


Certified FSC® pine from Northern and Central Europe is used in both Plum® round pole and dimensional playcentres and swing sets. To make sure it is as resilient as possible, the wood is vacuum pressure treated. This safeguards it against wood-destroying insects and fungi that can cause soft-rot.

After the treatment process it is natural for a green mottling to become visible on the surface of the wood. This colouration is caused when the copper based treatment, which serves as the preservative, reacts with the resin already present in the timber.

Pressure treatment is a vitally important process in increasing the long term resilience of the wood. Innovation in our timber treated products ensures that the preservative is both weather-resistant and safe to humans and your garden plants alike.

Plum Wood is a natural product so requires some care and maintenance as it weathers over time. Periodically check over the whole product, sand away any sharp points and surface scaling and follow the timber advice in the instruction manual. It is important to maintain the condition of timber products to ensure both safety and longevity, full maintenance guidelines are provided with each Plum play set.