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In & Out

Wednesday, 21st July 2021

It is safe to say the end of June/ beginning of July has been an interesting turn of events in terms of weather. Let's hope the beautiful summer sun keeps itself known for the rest of the month. 

Whilst the weather is playing with us, maybe we should explore if your kids are indoor or outdoor people.


Game time:

Each answer has a letter, A or B. Keep count of how many of each letter you have so we can let you know if you're an indoor or outdoor person!



A. Big River & Roads Water Table - £109.99

This water table is a great addition to the garden, allowing children to splash, pour and navigate boats & cars under and over the movable bridges with a 9-piece accessory set included.

Shop Now: Big River and Roads Water Table


B. Hot Wheels Road Rally Raceway - £69.99

Bring your Hot Wheels play into the third dimension with the Step2 Hot Wheels Road Rally Raceway! Kids will love racing their Hot Wheels car down the zig-zagged track, and you can extend the raceway even further by adding extra Hot Wheels track! Removable storage containers beneath the table provide plenty of space to store all those Hot Wheels cars, and the table comes with 2 cars and over 8 feet of track.



A. Discovery Mud Pie Kitchen - £229.95

Make a mess in your outdoor kitchen with the new Discovery Mud Pie Kitchen from Plum! Discover the outdoors and let the little ones embrace their curiosities of wildlife and nature. Identify the wildlife and forage for inspiration. Cut and trim the buds and shrubs, add a pinch of sludge or pick a pot of pine cones. This kitchen even comes with a clear board and paint brush pens to let the kids add art to their kitchen, and a planter for budding gardeners!

Shop Now: Discovery Mud Pie Kitchen


B. Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill - £299.99

One of our best selling kitchens is back and better than ever! With a re-design of colour and now featuring a grill top, the Grand Walk-In Kitchen is set to be even more popular this year. With all the brilliant features you’d expect from a kitchen of this calibre, your little chefs can once again dazzle you with their culinary skills!

Shop Now: Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill



A. Dino Dig Sand & Water Table - £74.99

Get ready for a prehistoric adventure with the Dino Dig Sand & Water Table! Kids can go excavating in the sand area to see what they can find, and if they're lucky, they might find the moulded-in dinosaur bones at the bottom of the table! The table also comes with a detachable mountain, which allows kids to pour water at the peak and watch it cascade down to create a waterfall effect! 

Shop Now: Dino Dig Sand & Water Table


B. Dino Rocker - £47.99

The dino’s friendly design and bright color makes this kids rocker toy an ideal choice for little ones excited to learn and play with dinosaurs! Explore imaginary Jurassic times on this little guy’s back, which features a contoured seat with easy-grip handles for a sturdy ride. Plus, the rocker’s lightweight design allows for easy storage and portability, wherever their next adventure leads!



A. Up & Down Coaster Outdoors - From £129.99

B. Up & Down Coaster Indoors - From £129.99


Celebrate 20 years of up and down fun with the new Anniversary Edition Up and Down Coaster - now with a beautiful new colour scheme!

The Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster will provide endless enjoyment and hours of fun - climb up the steps either side, sit on the car, and 'wheee', down we go. Still in our range after many years, owing to continual demand. Timeless!

Shop Now: Up & Down Coasters



A. Plum Discovery Create & Paint Easel - £163.95

Take your art outside this summer with the new Plum Discovery Create & Paint Easel! Draw freely on the two-sided clear paint screen, and easily wash your art away to create something new! Paint Brush pens are included, as well as a set of hexagonal storage holders to hold your art supplies! This stylish woodland art easel also comes with a wind chime to provide gentle sounds in the breeze, and you can even let the little ones plant their own flowers with the planter and gardening tools!

Shop Now: Plum Discovery Create & Paint Easel


B. Easel For Two - £64.99

Children won't realise they're learning in all the fun, with this Step2 Easel for Two - one side for chalk [not included], the other for the 73 magnetic letters, numbers and signs [included]. The magnetic side is also compatible with washable felt tip pen [not included]. There's also a paper clip on each side of the easel for painting and drawing activities, and lots of deep storage in the middle for chalk, markers, paint pencils etc, that can be accessed from both sides. In fact two children can play at once. How's that for double the play, double the fun.

Shop Now: Easel For Two



Mostly A’s - You are an Outdoor Person!

Mostly B’s - You are an Indoor Person!