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Easter Activities

Friday, 26th March 2021

Egg Painting

Get the paint, glitter and glue out! It is time to decorate some eggs! 

The messiest but one of the most enjoyable parts of easter has to be decorating an egg, you can do lots of patterns and colours and designs to make your egg look like it is ready for spring!

Top tips: For the parents who have heavy handed children or would rather use fake eggs, you can get fake eggs to decorate, we also recommend keeping hold of a few egg boxes so when they are drying they have somewhere to sit!

Egg Competition

One the parents should remember from school, the egg competition! 

Create a scene using eggs and your imagination, make a scene from a movie, a book, a tv show, an easter theme, be as creative as possible! 

Take a trip to the art shop and stock up on everything!

Top tip: Plan what you want to do before going to the shop so you know exactly what you will need and remember to be creative!

Egg Hunt

We are going on an egg hunt...we are going to catch a big one!

Hide mini easter eggs around the house and garden, tell the kids how many are hidden and leave them too it with a bucket or bowl to collect their eggs in! See who can find the most eggs!

Top tip: remember where you hide all the eggs, you don’t want to find melted eggs a few months down the road!


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