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Buy a Trampoline in 2015!

Sunday, 12th April 2015

Fantastic trampolines from EXIT, TP, Plum and BERG!

The year is flying by and Summer is fast approaching! A trampoline is the perfect thing to keep kids entertained during the hot Summer months, and provide hours of fun as well as being a great source of exercise! Trampolines are fun for the whole family, and with our huge variety of trampolines available, we're sure that there's a trampoline for every garden!

TP Trampolines

The TP trampoline range will give hours of jumping fun with their round or unique octagonal shapes. We are a TP Centre of Excellence meaning our knowledge on the TP range is second to none and we can provide expert advice on products should you need it.

Plum Trampolines

The Plum Whirlwind range is a stylish trampoline with a bold look, while the Magnitude range offers a fresh approach to a classic trampoline design. Plum trampolines all come with a 3G enclosure, which ensures that the jumper is as safe as can be, while maximising jumping space.

BERG Trampolines

BERG offer a wide range of high-quality tramplines, both freestanding and inground. Favorit trampolines offer a good balance of price, durability, and safety, while champion trampolines utilize the unique Goldspring to ensure higher bounces and even more fun!

EXIT Trampolines

EXIT Toys currently hold our widest variety of trampolines. Twist trampolines feature a reversable protective edge, with different colours on each side, while interra trampolines give a top-quality inground experience. The Jumparena All-in-One packages are the most complete trampolines around, featuring lots of essential accessories to make your jumping experience even better!