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A Summer Essential- EXIT Pool Domes

Tuesday, 21st June 2022

A Summer Essential 

EXIT Toys Pool Dome

With summer holidays incoming it’s time to get the pool out for the kids to have endless water fun! And the best way to ensure you get maximum enjoyment of your pool is through using a pool dome.

These unique domes are fantastic in guaranteeing hours of swimming and excitement even when the weather can be unpredictable.


Lets run down some of the benefits of the pool dome:

Use the sun to heat the pool 

Trying to regulate the pool's temperature can be very difficult. But a huge benefit of the dome is how it sustainably heats up the water so that it's the perfect temperature to enjoy. 

Keep the dirt out and water clean

Over the holidays you don't want to spend hours on end cleaning up bugs, leaves and anything else unwanted that's fallen into your pool. However with a pool dome protecting the water this is no longer an issue as the protective dome will ensure there is nothing to ruin the fun.

Less exposure to UV Sunlight 

When the kids are playing outside the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about UV damage they may be exposed too. A great feature of the dome is that it decreases the harmful exposure lowering potential damage.

Easy to set up

Although it may look quite difficult this is not the case, as the dome can easily be attached to the frame of the swimming pool and takes very little effort to open and close due to the unique hinge mechanism.

If you do struggle to set up your pool dome you can find here tips for setting up an EXIT swimming pool dome


The EXIT pool dome also fits other brands' frame pools with a diameter between 360 and 370 centimeters. (pool must have an even number of legs with a diameter not exceeding 40 millimeters and that the top rail must be round and not thicker than 50 millimeters)

For those without a pool you can check out our different round swimming pools: 300x76cm Frame Pool or alternatively our 360x76 Frame Pool to see which would suit you best.