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Brand New BERG Go-Karts for 2015!

Monday, 9th March 2015

New for 2015, we are offering a range of brand new go-karts from BERG Toys! But choosing the right go-kart for you can be difficult, so we've broken down exactly what you get with your go-kart purchase!

BFR Drive System

All of the new go-karts from BERG come fully fitted with a BFR Drive system, which stands for "Brake, Forward, Reverse". This allows the rider to pedal backwards, brake, and then pedal forwards to change direction, without ever having to change gear! This adds both safety and maneuverability to these high-quality go-karts.

BERG Classics - Basic BFR

The classic BERG go-kart that started everything more than 25 years ago! The design of this classic pedal go-kart has withstood the test of time, and the newest iteration comes in a beautiful blue colour and features the BFR drive system. Other great features include an adjustable seat, swing axle, and roll-bearing tyres, to ensure a comfortable, safe ride. Read more about the Basic BFR

BERG Classics - Extra BFR

For those who want just a little more from their go-kart. The Extra BFR comes with the same great features as the Basic BFR, but also includes rear mudguards to help keep your kart clean and tidy. 

BERG Classics - Extra Sport BFR

Ride in style with the Extra Sport BFR! This ride comes with all the features that make the Extra BFR a fantastic purchase, and also features a front-spoiler, which makes for a more aerodynamic ride. 


Leave your friends in the dust with the Race BFR! This kart is designed to make sure you always finish first! Featuring front and rear mudguards, as well as a front spoiler, the Race BFR's rounded shape provides a swift ride like no other! The Race BFR comes in a pleasing white colour, and is packed with style! Read more about the Race BFR


Want to do some off-road racing? No problem! The X-Plore BFR is designed to handle tough terrain! Thick offroad tyres allow the kart to manoeuver through the dirt and mud, and the sturdy build of the go-kart means it can take whatever you throw at it! The X-Plore BFR comes in a lovely green finish - perfect for outdoor exploration! Read more about the X-Plore BFR

Fully Customizable

We have a huge range of accessories available that let you really make your go-kart yours, including additional seats, lights, flags, and sirens! 

A Go-Kart for Everyone!

These are just a few of the go-karts available at Activity Toys Direct! With such a wide variety of go-karts, you're bound to find one that's right for you!