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What type of Trampoline should I buy?

Monday, 3rd March 2014

The trampoline world can be a confusing place and there is a lot to choose from. Generally the type of trampoline depends on what you will mainly be using it for. But don’t fret, below we have outlined the main types of trampolines available and the ones we highly recommend in each category.

All in one package trampolines

Exit JumpArena Trampoline

Trampolines that includes everything you need including a safety net

With so many trampolines on the market and the ever growing emphasis on safety, the all in one type trampolines have become one of the most popular trampoline types to buy. These package deals mean that the customer no longer has to pay a premium to get that accompanying safety net or ladder for example, instead it is included in the package! This not only means more bang for your buck but also significantly raises the safety standards of trampolines. In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with this type of trampoline just as long as you purchase from a high quality trusted brand. These types of trampolines can be enjoyed by all the family as they often included safety nets as a standard.

We know from firsthand experience what a quality trampoline is and below we outline some of our best selling trampolines in this category:

TP Toys Genius Range

One of our most popular trampoline ranges on our site! TP Toys produce some of the highest quality and most innovative outdoor toys around. The Genius range incorporates the Surroundsafe™ technology which protects the bouncer from any exposed strings and making the trampoline fun all that extra bit safer. Trampolines in this range are available in both Round and Octagonal shapes ranging from 8ft all the way up to 14ft.

EXIT JumpArena All-in-one range

One of the most complete trampoline packages around, the Exit JumpArena All in one 10ft trampoline is set to be one of our most popular trampolines. Excelling highly in safety features, quality, sheer fun factor and stylish design, the 10ft JumpArena All in one trampoline is a great product for getting children active and outside having lots of fun.

Available in sizes- 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft and 15ft

In Ground Trampolines

Stylish trampolines that work at ground levelBERG Inground Trampoline

On our site we have seen a growing interest in the in ground or ‘sunken’ type trampolines. The added benefit of these trampolines is that children can bounce at ground level thereby greatly reducing the danger of any falling injuries from the trampoline. In ground trampolines eliminate the need for a supporting frame which not only means less space is taken up but ensures the trampoline is not too obtrusive in the garden too- no supporting frame on the top or bottom means fewer parts that can fail over time. These trampolines are just as fun and bouncy as their traditional trampoline counterparts and will subtly fit into any garden. These trampolines do however require a shallow hole to be dug in the garden as part of the installation process so please take this into account when considering this type of trampoline.

So if you are looking for a trampoline that won’t take up too much room in your garden then an in ground type trampoline should be strongly considered. They match all other trampolines in sheer fun but take up significantly less room in the garden.

Our highly rated In Ground Trampolines:

Berg Toys InGround Range

One of our favourites, the patented InGround trampoline is the most popular in this category with its sleek design that brings a real essence of quality to the garden.

EXIT InTerra Range

The new kid on the block, these trampolines combine great features with supreme quality. The unique base frame assembles very easily and keeps the trampoline very sturdy through hours of bouncing fun. EXIT is keen to take on the trampoline world by storm and the InTerra range is certainly putting them on course to do just that!

Traditional style Trampolines

Tried and tested designs that are still a popular choiceBERG Favorit Trampoline

Traditional style trampolines are still a firm favourite amongst families. These trampolines offer great bouncing fun and can be set up in a relatively prompt fashion. The one thing you must consider with these types of trampolines is the fact that safety nets are not included (although most will be available as an optional extra) therefore extra care must be taken when the younger ones are having some bouncing fun in the garden. The great thing about these trampolines is that users can have set up and bounce for as long and high as they wish! 

Our pick from the bunch:

Berg Toys Favorit Trampoline

This trampoline provides a great balance between safety, durability and price.

Junior Mini Sized Trampolines

Specially designed trampolines for those younger bouncers

TP Early Fun Trampoline

It may be the case that you have little children in the house who want to join in on the bouncing fun but the full sized trampolines may seem a little too daunting for the child. Junior sized trampolines are a great way of introducing those little ones to bouncing fun and get them active during playtime.

Our highest rated Junior Trampoline:

TP Toys Early Fun Trampoline

This trampoline is specially designed for those younger children and is even suitable for children as young as 12 months old. It also comes complete with protective pads covering the frame to keep those little bouncers extra safe during playtime.

So that’s it! We have outlined what we feel are the main types of trampolines and hopefully this has armed you with so vital trampoline knowledge that we hope will aid you when it comes to buying a trampoline. One thing is sure, here at Activity Toys Direct we only stock trampolines that are from trusted brands and we believe are high quality.

So what are you waiting for, pick your trampoline and let’s get bouncing!

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