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In Ground Trampolines | Sunken Trampolines

Thursday, 13th March 2014

In ground Trampolines have become an increasingly popular product on our site; more and more people are taking advantage of the benefits that in ground trampolines bring. Modern day in ground trampolines are simple to install and often prove much less problematic than their traditional counterparts down the line.

Main Benefits of In ground Trampolines


Perhaps the most noticeable benefit of these trampolines is the fact that they are used at ground level instead of being raised off the ground. The benefit of this is that it is generally much safer to bounce on these trampolines as there is less height to fall from if things go wrong. Also the entry and exit system on an in ground trampoline is advantageous as children won’t need to climb a ladder to get on. When they have finished, children can simply hop off the trampoline with ease. It should be noted however that you can often buy a safety net for these trampolines, the reason being that it makes the trampoline even safer for younger children. But generally in ground trampolines are safe enough for the average user and can be used without a safety net.

Built to last

The beauty of in ground trampolines is that they do not need any standing frame legs or a safety net (this can however be added to some trampolines as previously mentioned). This means that there are fewer parts that can break or go faulty. Safety nets on a trampoline are usually the first thing to go wrong after prolonged use- rips and tears are a common problem with low quality trampoline nets. No net means no costly repair down the line. Frame legs on trampolines can also be an issue especially when on a cheaply made trampoline. They can rust and become faulty thereby risking damage to the whole trampoline. in ground trampolines eliminate the need for frame legs that would traditionally sit of the ground and instead the trampoline itself rests on the ground. This all means that the maintenance costs will be significantly lower in the long run.

They look great

Perhaps the first thing you will notice when you see an in ground trampoline is how well they fit into their surroundings. Their unobtrusive design means no more complaints from the neighbours for invading their privacy when you jump up above their fence. Trampolines can be quite obtrusive and bulky especially when in a smaller garden. Cheap trampolines tend to not age well and often become an eye sore slap bang in the middle of your garden. This is not the case with in ground trampolines as they discreetly fit into your garden below eye level and will never become that eye sore in the garden later on down the line!

Hugely fun

Having a sunken trampoline in the garden is super fun for all users. Having no ladder to climb up or net to worry about climbing through is great for children (and the occasional adult) who just want to bounce! Jump on the trampoline and jump off whenever you feel like it with one of these trampolines in the garden.

Brands of In Ground Trampolines

Here at Activity Toys Direct we have a vast collection of trampolines from the best brands in the business. Our most notable brands in this department are BERG and EXIT. Both of these manufacture fantastic in ground trampolines that are proving to be quite popular this year on our site already. Below are some of our highly recommended in ground trampolines:

EXIT InTerra In ground Trampoline Range

When it comes to trampolines, EXIT has always placed great emphasis on style and safety. Their flagship sunken trampoline range called InTerra provides a unique blend of style with real substance to back it up.

InTerra Round Trampolines

EXIT InTerra 8ft Round TrampolineEXIT InTerra 10ft Round TrampolineEXIT InTerra 12ft Round TrampolineEXIT InTerra 14ft Round Trampoline

InTerra Rectangular In Ground Trampolines

As well as the round shape, the InTerra range also has rectangle shaped trampolines too. These offer a different kind of bounce and experience compared to the traditional round shape.

EXIT InTerra Rectangular (7ft x 12ft) Trampoline

BERG in ground Trampoline Range

BERG Toys are a renowned go-kart manufacturer but have made waves in the trampoline department in recent years too. Their in ground range certainly demonstrates their ability to design and produce a high quality ground level trampoline. There are two models that we stock on our site currently:

BERG Favorit in ground Trampoline 

BERG Toys InGround Favorit 9ft TrampolineBERG Toys InGround Favorit 11ft TrampolineBERG Toys InGround Favorit 12.5ft TrampolineBERG Toys InGround Favorit 14ft Trampoline

BERG Champion in ground Trampolines

The Champion version features Berg’s own premium Goldsprings which not only mean you can bounce higher, but because these springs gradually build up the energy they much safer too.

BERG Toys InGround Champion Trampoline 9ftBERG Toys InGround Champion Trampoline 12.5ft BERG Toys InGround Champion Trampoline 14ft

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